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Cambridge Building Energy & Environment Portal

Department A-Z

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  • People
    • People Overview
    • Admin
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    • Lecturers
  • Equipment
    • Equipment Overview
    • Temperature/ Humidity
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      • Raytek Raynger ST infrared thermometer
      • CHY-121 Infrared noncontact thermometer
      • Whirling Hygrometer
      • 什么浏览器可众看油管
      • PT-100 SE012 Temperature Sensors
    • Air flow
      • Air flow Overview
      • Airflow TA400 thermal anemometer
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      • Airflow TA2 anemometer/thermometer
      • Retrotec 2000 blower door
    • Lighting/ Solar Radiation
      • Lighting/ Solar Radiation Overview
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      • Hukseflux LP02-10 Pyranometer
    • Heat flux
      • Heat flux Overview
      • HFP01-10 Heat flux sensor
      • 什么浏览器可众看油管
    • Data Acquisition
      • Data Acquisition Overview
      • 1256 Remote Squirrel Meter/logger
      • 1206 Squirrel meter/logger
      • CEM20 Expansion Module
      • Grant DT80 Datalogger
      • Grant DT85 Datalogger
      • PT-104 Data Logger (use with PT-100)
    • H1
    • BE1
    • L1
    • V1
    • Equipment booking system
  • Software
    • Software Overview
    • Architecture
    • Engineering
    • Freeware
    • Real time data
  • References
    • x浏览器看YouTube
    • External Climate Data
    • Weather data information
    • Internal Heat Gains
    • Database of Materials and Systems
    • 能访问youtube的浏览器
    • Datataker program_example
    • References on human comfort


CamBEEP, Cambridge Building Energy & Environment Portal, is a cross-departmental web-based resource for students (undergraduates and graduates) and researchers. The aims of the website consist of providing resources for the following cross-disciplinary areas: 1. Building performance simulation (practical building physics and guide to simulation tools); 2. Building performance monitoring (handouts, toolkits and case studies)


National and global targets for reducing CO2 emissions by 2024 and 2050 can only realistically be achieved by reducing the energy demand in existing buildings, which account for 45 % of all end user carbon emissions. This reduction in energy demand must be achieved whilst preserving (or arguably improving) occupant comfort and wellbeing. There is therefore a pressing need to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to design low carbon buildings, and perhaps more importantly, to de-carbonise the existing and ageing building stock. This need is reflected in the growing number of modules on offer that provide the necessary fundamental and applied knowledge. One of the principal real-world challenges in this area is to characterise the performance of existing buildings, as this forms the basis of the remedial / renovation measures that are proposed, and serves to verify that the remedial measures, once installed, are effective. This is an important aspect of research activities at Cambridge, where the recent developments in remote sensing technology are being exploited to provide valuable data on the operation of buildings and the interaction of occupants at relatively low cost. This has however yet to be deployed in our teaching.


Department of Engineering: 3A6 Heat & Mass Transfer; 3D8 Building Physics and Environmental Geotechnics; 4M14 Sustainable Development; 4M15 Sustainable Energy; 4M19 Advanced Building Physics; 4D13 Architectural Engineering. Department of Architecture: Part IA Paper 5: Fundamental Principles of Environmental Design; Part IB Paper 5: Principles of Environmental Design; Part II Paper 4: Architectural Engineering MAUS/MAUD Module 4: Monitoring and Modelling.


Note: Any loss or disfunction of the equipment should be reported immediately to the contact person. If you fail to do so, you may be held responsible for any damage or loss. Students involved in any of the modules listed below: 4M19 Advanced Building Physics (Coursework H1, BE, L1, V1) if using the booking system to perform the coursework related to the modules, please follow the link to the STUDENT BOOKING.

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